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PCCW serves major commercial buildings with next-generation Fiber-to-the-Office (FTTO) technology, thereby empowering enterprises with first-rate, ultra-fast broadband connectivity. In addition, we provide 319Gbps the strongest overseas network experience1 , allowing you to connect to anywhere of the world any time.

By simply using to Business NETVIGATOR @Work Broadband Service, you can instantly access a wealth of up-to-the-minute product news and industry insights online. It's equally simple and speedy to launch online promotions or create a product webpage. We even offer a wireless option that will boost your productivity.

Feature highlights

Choice of service classes to meet your growing needs.

Business NETVIGATOR offers a variety of broadband service packages with different combinations of bandwidth, email accounts and number of IP addresses to suit your company's unique setup and usage needs.

Lower bandwidth options are ideal for companies where one or two users browse the web, download information and send and receive files via email. When your workforce and your communications increase, you simply move up to a multiple email account package. Also, higher bandwidth packages include a fixed IP address your company can use to create its own website and email server.

* The above plans refer to network specification according to the subscribed services of downstream bandwidth of 1.5Mbps / 2Mbps/ 3Mbps / 4Mbps / 5Mbps / 6Mbps / 8Mbps and 10Mbps of the broadband line connected from the first piece of network equipment of the Business NETVIGATOR network to the modem at the customer's premises. The actual speed will be affected by the user's device, technology, network and software used, network configuration and coverage, usage level and extraneous factors.
icon 1 Asymmetric with upstream bandwidth at 640Kbps (For 8M service plan, the upstream bandwidth at 800Kbps)
icon 2 Symmetric with upstream and downstream at same bandwidth
icon 3 Secure Broadband Service(optional)
icon 4 Wireless Broadband Service(optional)

Five layers of protection.

Available with all packages, our five-layer Secure Broadband protection safeguards your web-based communications and sensitive information against Internet threats such as email spamming, spying and hostile hacking.
Five layers of protection

99.99% availability.

Backed by PCCW's robust network infrastructure and world-class management, our award-winning broadband service guarantees your business 99.99% access availability in all key commercial areas in Hong Kong.
24/7 technical support

24x7 technical support.

As Business NETVIGATOR offers Hong Kong's only 24-hour technical inquiry hotline, the assistance you need to ensure uninterrupted broadband access is always easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

Fully wireless-enabled.

Covering everything from your wireless broadband router and wireless LAN card to installation and security, this wireless solution is an ideal all-inclusive way to increase operational productivity and eases your headaches.
Fully wireless-enabled



Terms and Conditions

  • 1 Overseas bandwidth refers to the amount of capacity available on PCCW Global’s international network. Business NETVIGATOR provides access to this network and the capacity is shared by various types of users for travelling to and from PCCW Global’s network in Hong Kong to overseas destinations. Data updated as of September 2011.
  • 2 The offer is exclusive to new Business NETVIGATOR customers who commit to a designated service term plan. The offer is applicable only to service plans including 300MB storage space, 100GB data traffic and 3 x 1GB email accounts.
  • 3 The above is a network specification. Actual speed will be affected by the user’s device, transmission technology, individual network and software used, network configuration and coverage, usage levels and other extraneous factors. Relevant terms and conditions apply.
  • Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited (the company) reserves the right to change promotion details without prior notice. In the event of dispute, the company shall have the right of final decision.
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