Metro IP Internet Services

The real-time uploading of large amounts of data such as financial information or retail transaction details to a CRM repository accessible to numerous users is beneficial to business growth. Delivering absolutely reliable and speedy performance, Business NETVIGATOR's Metro-Internet Service ensures your capabilities in this vital area.

Feature highlights

Scalable up to 10Gbps.

Our unlimited point-to-point connection provides your company with stunning bandwidth scalability of between 2Mbps and 10Gbps. The higher speeds enable symmetric upstream and downstream data transmissions to fit your specific application needs.
Superb reliability

Superb reliability.

Leveraging PCCW's network of 91 Exchanges , this meshed optical fiber cable-based solution provides not only full coverage of all commercial areas but also infinite path diversity. The end result is the highest resilience and connectivity.

Largest gateway bandwidth.

PCCW's respective 28Gbps, 46Gbps and 17Gbps international, local (HKIX), and China gateway bandwidths, the highest offered by any Hong Kong ISP, guarantee fast Internet access and effortless content downloads.
Largest gateway bandwidth

Multiple IP addresses.

With Business NETVIGATOR adding more global IP addresses will never be a problem. 16 IP addresses is this solution's default setting and your company can simply add more addresses in line with your expanding business, network plan and application needs.

Choice of two service classes.

Choose between Standard Class or Premium Class dedicated and guaranteed connectivity depending on the level of bandwidth you require for your company's business applications.

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