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Your customers need no longer queue to pay. The transaction process can be simpler, with faster and more accurate settlement – all thanks to a broadband-enabled payment service offered exclusively by PCCW.

Free use of Octopus reader*
Free business broadband for Octopus data transmission#
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Accurate and safe

An end to handling payment in cash means no need to worry about forged dollar bills or human error ever again. Now you can benefit from new levels of safety and accuracy.

Operationally seamless

All transactions can now be cashless. This saves you time handling settlements and customer purchases, as well as reconciling payments and queuing at the bank to make deposits. You also save on bank charges. Enjoy seamless business operations, as a result of less time being spent on transactions, plus lower costs and fewer hassles.

Payment made via Octopus service is credited to your bank account the day after settlement^, while settlement reports are sent to you for reference on a daily basis. Less cash in your shop means lower risk of theft and a worry-free experience overall.

^Octopus Cards Limited will process all confirmed transaction payments after settlement has been made and will make deposits to a merchant’s designated bank account at 4pm the day after. Transactions made on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be processed the next working day.

Simple and faster

Settlement processing and data transmission using a broadband-enabled Octopus service is at least two to three times quicker than the dial-up version, with no additional telephone line required. As well as smoother and simplified retail operations, you can enjoy a faster customer purchase process.

Unrivalled flexibility

Apart from providing standalone Octopus readers to merchants with no POS facility in place, PCCW also delivers a wide range of solutions that work with a merchant’s existing POS system. Retail operations of all sizes, from small shops to multi-site outlets, will benefit from the remarkable flexibility offered by Octopus service.

Hygienic transactions

Payment made via Octopus service improves hygiene by minimizing passage of infectious disease via coins and bank notes exchanged between staff and customers. Hygienic cashless payment gives customers peace of mind, while enabling your staff to keep retail operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Total service support

Octopus service and broadband connection are both provided by PCCW, so whenever technical or operational issues arise, merchants have only to call one service provider to solve all their problems. Our 24-hour support hotline simplifies the entire Octopus service experience for merchants, in terms of operational and technical issues, thereby providing them with total peace of mind.

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