Secure Wireless Broadband

When customers or suppliers at your office or shops ask for Internet access, their use of your corporate network might compromise security. Now you have a solution – Business NETVIGATOR offers Wi-Fi Here to provide you with both communications efficiency and network protection.
Feature highlights

Extra convenience

You will never need to worry about a shortage of cables in your conference room, even if it is crowded with customers or vendors needing Internet access for their laptops. Wi-Fi Here provides exclusive and convenient Wi-Fi access for your guests. What’s more, you can reset login passwords through the administrative portal to ensure even greater security.
Eliminate installation headaches!
Air locking ensures added peace-of-mind!

Information safety

When you grant Wi-Fi access to your guests, are you automatically giving them the means to peek into your company system? Wi-Fi Here offers you peace of mind by separating guest Wi-Fi access from your own, in order to prevent information leaks. Data transmission can be encrypted with the 802.1x standard, plus authentication, which can prevent data leakage when using a common wireless network.

Free of IT hassle

As far as you are concerned, the whole process is free of technical hassles. Holding a wealth of expertise and experience in the provision of wireless broadband, our full support team from Business NETVIGATOR provides everything you need from installation and initial set-up to 24-hour support and fully-managed worry-free operation.

Eliminate installation headaches!

Web Hosting service

Subscription to Business NETVIGATOR Web Hosting service means customers can visit your company website while logging into Wi-Fi, thereby providing you with an effective promotion strategy.

Upgrade to Premium Wi-Fi

You can enjoy even more enhanced features with our Premium Wi-Fi service.
  • A web-filtering function blocks out inappropriate Internet content.
  • Users can enjoy a smooth and swift online experience, even as they move around an expansive area.
  • You can manage your network with greater flexibility. As well as being able to keep a check on your online traffic, for example, you can even set Wi-Fi service open hours to suit your operational needs.
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