headerWeb and email servers should be always-on. Never should there a second for hiccups on your linkage to Internet. Business NETVIGATOR designs and offers various levels of broadband connectivity resilience to ensure your business continuity:

Various Broadband Resilience Solutions

Dual-link Broadband Resilience

Want to eliminate the possibility of unexpected technical hiccups or physical damage to your internet links slowing down or even paralyzing your business operations?

Business NETVIGATOR can pair up two broadband connections to your switch or router to avoid unexpected problems and ensures smooth Internet access at all times. These connections can even be resided at separate network operation centers to provide additional resilience.

Dual-network Broadband Resilience

An even higher level of broadband connectivity resilience is available via Business NETVIGATOR’s choice of dedicated broadband network platforms.

By pairing your broadband connection with any combination of our Multiple Access of @work Broadband Services, Always-on Broadband Services or Dedicated Internet Access platforms, you will always enjoy streamlined operations.

Dual-routing Broadband Resilience

If you are to stay competitive, your company cannot afford any interruption of its continuous broadband connectivity to mission-critical applications such as real-time transactions, financial data or broadcast video streaming.

Business NETVIGATOR’s unique dual-routing resilience uses two autonomous system (AS) registration numbers in traffic routing, together with the traffic re-routing priority to immune your business operations against unexpected hiccups.

Multi-level Broadband Resilience


1 The ISP in town with 24x7 technical hotline support.
2 The FIRST ISP offers broadband resilience with dual AS numbers.
3 The ONLY ISP with LARGEST dedicated network platforms for different broadband services.
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