Online Backup

Devoting huge manpower resources to routine data back-ups is a very costly way to protect your company against computer crashes, virus infections and power failures. Business NETVIGATOR's online back-up not only cuts costs, but also completely eliminates the risk of human error in the back-up process.

Feature highlights

Automatic back-up.

Once you have scheduled your back-up timetable, the sessions will automatically run for life. You can choose to back-up specific files or folders on a daily, weekly, monthly or even ad-hoc basis to match your company's needs.
Automatic back-up

Ease of access.

As all authorized users will be able to quickly locate and retrieve their back-up files via any Internet connection, searching for important files in back-up storage will never be a problem.

Secure storage.

Coupled with password authentication, Business NETVIGATOR's 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption ensures end-to-end protection of all data transmission and storage.
Scalable storage

Scalable storage.

As your data storage needs grow, you can easily upgrade your online back-up storage limit. This saves you the time involved in categorizing numerous CDs or having to change magnetic storage tapes during back-up process.

Requires no IT support.

Without the need of hardware and software, and awaiting the busy IT people, you can backup your files at your own manner and schedule. It is no longer a task to you.

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