headerDo you know broadband access is only part of our services and solutions for your business? Business NETVIGATOR provides a wide range of broadband solutions that support every aspect of your business. Check them out below.

Expand business
Move your office for expansion? Why don't you assess and upgrade the bandwidth for business accordingly. There is a full range of bandwidth at Business NETVIGATOR for you to choose from.
bullet Add another broadband access
bullet Share broadband access within office
bullet Switch to wireless connection
Build mobile workforce
Your workforce no longer stays at the desks but move around in the office, in the city and in the world. Business NETVIGATOR has a "tool box" to keep them in touch with both their offices and customers.
bullet Access Internet everywhere
bullet Read emails instantly wherever you are
bullet Keep an eye on your assets anytime
bullet Access securely corporate data anywhere
Enhance operations
Business NETVIGATOR provide various network-based broadband solutions to enhance your business operations, from building wireless office to sending out promotional emails, and from storing files to defending virus attacks.

IT Infrastructure

bullet Wireless in your office
bullet Adjust online email box and storage capacity
bullet Tune your bandwidth for business
bullet Backup access and data

Marketing and Customer Services

bullet Send out well-received promotion emails
bullet Alert customers on time

Security and Control

bullet Protect you from virus attacks
bullet Monitor your office and outlets
Supporting technically
Business NETVIGATOR offer technical assistance via hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also email your problem to us.
  New Business Customer Hotline:10088
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Connect to Internet reliably
Make your broadband safe
Share and store files easily