Secure Multi-office Connect

Fast, reliable links between multi offices in various locations is a must for all effective businesses. Once a major investment, corporate private networks are now affordable for companies demanding top class communications within a realistic budget.

Feature highlights

No upfront investment.

With Business NETVIGATOR's site-to-site virtual private company network your multi offices can access and share corporate data without costly hardware investment, software installation or network infrastructure upgrades.
No upfront investment
Strongest encryption

Strongest encryption.

Leveraging powerful IPSec data encryption protocols and building a hub-spoke site-to-site data network over the Internet for your company's sole use, our robust security system prevents potential traffic interceptions.

24x7 network management.

Round-the-clock supplementary network monitoring by teams of PCCW security and networking experts will further tighten the secure status and performance of your company's virtual private network.

Ultimate flexibility.

With intranet and extranet bandwidth of between 1.5Mbps and 10Mbps, your company's employees, vendors and customers will enjoy total flexibility of access.

Private+public dual access.

Enabling both public and private network access, our embedded Internet connection will minimize your company's network management headaches while maximizing the effectiveness of your budget.
Private+public dual access
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